50 Cent Flaunts the Good Life Aboard His Lavish Jet, He Often Eats Breakfast on His Jet

50 Cent Flaunts the Good Life Aboard His Lavish Jet, He Often Eats Breakfast on His Jet

Fifty Cent, who is renowned for his music as well as his brutal honesty and penchant for flaunting his affluence on the internet, continues to do so at this time.

As he embarks on yet another flight, apparently the third this week, Curtis James Jackson III demonstrates the good life by reclining on the aircraft deck and enjoying a delicious meal. However, the rapper maintains his physique and informed his followers that he will be at the gym as soon as he lands. Recent photographs of him on airplanes captured him eating twice (once while perusing the newspaper in a casual manner) and once standing on the steps prior to boarding.

Fifty, a technology and luxury enthusiast, possesses a private aircraft. After Floyd Mayweather obtained his in 2016, 50 Cent boasted about it, and he could not allow his supporters to believe he did not possess one. He had informed the former professional boxer in an Instagram video, “You are not the only one with a private jet.”

It appears from the video that he is the owner of an N424SK aircraft that he personalized with the name Effen Vodka during his partnership with the company. The aircraft’s cabin is furnished with beige leather seating and can accommodate eight passengers.

Recent images, however, suggest that 50 Cent preferred a different variety for his daily flights. Recently, while once more in motion, the music magnate uploaded a number of images from the cockpit of an aircraft that appears to be a Cessna 510 over the course of the past few days. The aircraft features cream-colored leather chairs on its interior and can accommodate seven passengers.

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