Explore Joel Embiid’s $21M apartment in Philadelphia, with amazing views from the 40th floor up

Explore Joel Embiid’s $21M apartment in Philadelphia, with amazing views from the 40th floor up

A serious foot injury forced Embiid, who the Philadelphia 76ers selected third overall in the 2014 NBA Draft, to miss the first two seasons of his professional career. But after he recovered from the foot injury, Embiid decided to work with real estate agent John Bolaris to lease a condominium at Two Liberty Place, one of the city’s most famous landmarks. At that time, the rookie had a $9,000 monthly payment that he had to send to the Sixers.

The condo has a 2,750 square foot living area and is priced at $2.1 million. There are four bathrooms and three bedrooms. The condominium also has a large dining area, a kitchen, and a cozy sofa where Embiid may watch television.

The condominium also has an Oriental Station that can easily serve the six-time All-Star broiled duck, as well as a liquor storage place. In addition to the aforementioned conveniences, Embiid’s lodging, which is located twenty stories above the city, gives a stunning view of Philadelphia.

It is not unexpected that Embiid, who is currently one of the greatest centers in the NBA, can afford to live in opulence. A year after relocating into the 2,750-square-foot condominium, Embiid signed a $148 million, five-year contract extension. After that contract expired, Embiid signed a four-year, $196 million contract extension, which proved to be even more profitable. In accordance with Celebrity Net Worth, Embiid is worth $35 million.

Conversely, Embiid chose to invest his money in the purchase of a house for his parents in Cameroon. In contrast to the majority of NBA superstars, Eminid does not desire to amass wealth through the purchase of sports vehicles, jewelry, or mansions. However, the NBA icon exclusively allocates resources towards his television screen and video games. With such a modest dwelling, Embiid ought to remain snug and secure in his Philadelphia condo at Two Liberty Place.

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