“It’s Despicable” Steve Harvey’s Children EXPOSE How Lori & Marjorie Harvey Manipulate Him

“It’s Despicable” Steve Harvey’s Children EXPOSE How Lori & Marjorie Harvey Manipulate Him

"It's Despicable" Steve Harvey's Children EXPOSE How Lori & Marjorie Harvey Manipulate Him

It seems Steve Harvey is trying to deal with his own family feud because it was reported that his blended family is just one big mess. And the comedian’s biological kids, twins Brandi and Karli, and Broderick and Wynton accused their stepmom Marjorie and stepsister Lori in trapping their father and basically distancing him from them.

Well, it seems like the Harvey clan of seven children from three different wives is experiencing serious turmoil. So, is it true that Steve Harvey is being manipulated by Marjorie and Lori? That’s what we’re going to find out in today’s video. But of course, before I spill anything, make sure first that you subscribe to our channel and hit that notification bell for more updates and videos like this. Now, let’s jump in!


It appears that Steve Harvey, a well-known television personality and comedian, has been struggling with family issues and tension, causing distress for him and his loved ones. His biological children are reportedly unhappy with their father’s attention being directed towards his new family members, Marjorie and Lori. There have been rumors that Steve’s kids have accused Marjorie and Lori of intentionally isolating and manipulating their father.

Despite Steve’s reputation for providing sound family advice, it seems that he is unable to apply this wisdom to his own family, with half of his children unhappy with his approach to family dynamics. There have been long standing speculations that Brandi, Karli, Broderick, and Wynton were envious of the love and attention Lori, Steve’s adopted daughter, received from their father.

However, it seems that the issues go beyond jealousy. Lori appears to be more visible and prominent than all of Steve’s other children combined, leading to allegations of unfair treatment by his biological children.

Tensions reportedly exist between Lori, who frequently steals the spotlight, and Steve’s biological children – Brandi, Karli, Broderick, and Winton – who believe that their father is obsessed with Lori, as he seems to devote more and more time discussing her high-profile life and dealing with her problems.

Despite the outward appearances of a loving family in photos, the reality is far from ideal. It appears that the challenge of sharing attention between seven children has been frustrating for the famous talk show host. According to Steve’s biological children, he neglected his previous families in the past to focus on his career and is not even attempting to make up for lost time, perhaps assuming that his grown-up children do not require any parental love or affection. As the elder son Broderick confessed in 2019:

While Steve’s biological children grew up without their father’s attention, Lori quickly became his favorite in the family. People close to the family have stated that Steve talks about Lori as if she is his little princess, and they share a special bond despite not being related by blood.

This dynamic has caused hurt for Karly, Brandy, Broderick, and Winton, who spent most of their lives without their father’s attention. It appears that nothing has changed so far, and Steve has questionable parenting methods when it comes to his older children, according to an insider. He tends to throw money at them, buy them gifts, or simply retreat to another room to smoke a cigar, but these methods are not working.

However, luxury and wealth are not everything that his children want from him. It’s speculated that Marjorie and Lori created a plan to push Lori into the limelight and turn her into a celebrity herself.

With Steve Harvey constantly talking about her on his show, Lori has become a household name. There are even rumors about Lori’s real father’s identity, but it seems she doesn’t want to recognize another dad aside from Steve, as she eagerly took his last name. Some speculate that Marjorie had an evil plan to turn her daughter into a socialite, and she has been working on building a bright future for her since the beginning.

Steve is currently occupied with promoting Lori and addressing her controversial breakups with the media, which could be a good opportunity to catch up with him. However, it’s apparent that he treats his daughter Lori differently than his other children, and there were allegations of him hurting his youngest son, Winton, though all charges against him were eventually dismissed.

So what do you think? Is Lori actually getting special treatment from Steve? Or are these merely accusations? And did Marjorie actually plan for this to happen? Let us know in the comments!

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