Madonna Leads Concertgoers in Wishing Daughter Mercy a Happy 18th Birthday: ‘Look at This Queen’

Madonna Leads Concertgoers in Wishing Daughter Mercy a Happy 18th Birthday: ‘Look at This Queen’

Mercy joined the singer, 65, on stage at Madison Square Garden for her concert on Monday

Madonna performs during opening night of The Celebration Tour ; Mercy James, Madonna, Sean Penn arrives at the 5th Annual Sean Penn & Friends HELP HAITI HOME Gala


Now that’s one way to celebrate a birthday!

On Monday, Madonna paid a special tribute to her daughter Mercy on her 18th birthday at her concert at Madison Square Garden in New York, with concertgoers joining the musician, 65, in singing “Happy Birthday” to the surprised teenager mid-show.

Madonna led the entire arena in singing to Mercy as she stood center stage surrounded by the singer’s dancers. At one point during the rendition, Madonna hugged Mercy as she put her hand to her mouth and shouted, “Oh my god!” The song then ended with a chorus of claps.

“Thank you to the people,” Madonna said, before she stood up and brought her daughter to the side of the stage. “Stand up, stand up beautiful girl. Look at this queen!”

Madonna (L) hugs her Malawian adopted daughter Mercy James after she made a speech during the opening ceremony of the Mercy James Children's Hospital at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre, Malawi, on July 11, 2017. Madonna on July 11 took her four adopted Malawian children back to their home country for the opening of a paediatric hospital wing that her charity has built

Madonna and her daughter Mercy. AMOS GUMULIRA/AFP

“That’s what a beautiful queen looks like,” the “Vogue” singer added.

Mercy was then handed a lit candle by someone on stage, prompting Madonna to tell her she’s “gotta make a wish.” The 18-year-old held the candle and paused for a few seconds with her eyes closed, before eventually blowing it out as the crowd in the arena cheered.

Seconds after, Madonna, holding a drink, asked Mercy, “Do you want a sip?”

She then jokingly added, “Oh no, 18’s not the drinking age here.”

Mercy then sat down at the piano on stage — the teen appears in the singer’s tour playing on the piano for her 1992 song “Bad Girl” — as Madonna thanked the audience. Mercy then grabbed her microphone and said, “I love you all!”

Madonna then embraced Mercy as the audience clapped again and added, “That’s my girl.”

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