Madonna’s Former Hidden Hills LA Mansion: Grandeur Meets Serenity($23M)

Madonna’s Former Hidden Hills LA Mansion: Grandeur Meets Serenity($23M)

Step into Madonna’s former Hidden Hills estate, a testament to luxury and elegance, where a palatial 7-bedroom main residence and a charming 2-bedroom guest house sit amidst three acres of tranquil gardens.

Offering the utmost privacy and seclusion, the estate is near downtown Calabasas and the Malibu coast, blending grand-scale living with intimate comfort, and offering a retreat fit for royalty.

From high above, this estate reveals its glory with sprawling gardens, a full basketball court, and a shimmering pool, all encircled by the hills’ natural grandeur.

The front view captures the essence of the estate, where mature redwoods stand guard, and a welcoming driveway leads to the grand façade of the main residence.

Secured by a wood-finished gate, the estate stands as a promise of the utmost privacy and a gateway to the luxury that lies beyond.

A fleet of high-end cars graces the checkerboard driveway, complementing the home’s stately entrance and the lush greenery.

The poolside cabana, complete with an outdoor fireplace and seating area, is the perfect spot for alfresco relaxation and socializing.

As dusk falls, the estate’s exterior lighting enhances the home’s architectural beauty, creating a warm and welcoming ambiance.

A view from the garden shows the rear expanse of the home, inviting one to imagine the lively gatherings and peaceful afternoons spent in this outdoor oasis.

The lit path accentuates the stately home’s nighttime allure, nestled among towering trees.

An aerial view showcases the estate’s sprawling grounds, complete with a professional-sized basketball court ready for play.

From a bird’s-eye view, the basketball court reveals its full glory, inviting energetic games under the California sky.

The guest house, nestled in the estate’s lush gardens, promises comfort and privacy with its own modern amenities.

As you approach, the main house welcomes you with tall windows and an inviting entrance, setting the tone for the opulence and comfort that lie beyond its doors.

Step into the foyer where art and architecture merge, highlighted by towering ceilings and an aura of modern sophistication that beckons you further into the home.

Bathed in natural light, this inviting space, complete with a grand piano, provides an elegant area for relaxation or entertainment.

Gather around this chic dining table under a contemporary chandelier for meals that are as memorable as the conversations.

The wine room, bathed in a tranquil blue glow, showcases an impressive collection that pays homage to the art of wine.

Dual islands anchor the gourmet kitchen, a culinary dream with its sleek finishes and top-tier appliances, designed to cater to every gastronomic desire.

The expansive family room, with its wide-open layout and seamless indoor-outdoor flow, is perfect for casual lounging or hosting grand affairs.

This outdoor living space combines comfort and luxury, featuring a cozy seating area with a fireplace and open access to the home’s interior.

The master bedroom, with its warm wooden floors and elegant fireplace, offers a serene retreat and opens up to a scenic outdoor view.

This balcony overlooking the pool and cabana affords a private outdoor retreat to savor the California sunshine and expansive estate views.

In the master bathroom, a standalone tub and spacious, mirrored vanity provide a spa-like environment for serene relaxation.

The laundry area, lined with marble countertops and ample storage, combines functionality with elegance for everyday chores.

With its rich wooden bookshelves and a fireplace, the office space creates a distinguished atmosphere for work and contemplation.

The home theater boasts a large screen and plush seating, ensuring every movie night is an immersive experience.

Step into the formal living room where a grand chandelier and a seamless view of the backyard set the stage for sophisticated entertaining.

The spacious fitness studio, with its open-air design, provides a refreshing environment for a healthy lifestyle.

A shaded lounging area provides a courtside escape, perfect for breaks between games or simply enjoying the outdoors.

The 5-car auto gallery, bathed in a cool blue light, offers a sleek and modern space for showcasing luxury vehicles.

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