SOCK: Hollywood female comedian g.oes t.o.pless on stage (VIDEO)

Hollywood female comedian g.oes t.opless on stage

49-year-old star Natasha Leggero took off her shirt in front of the audience during a comedy performance and explained: ‘Boys can do it, why can’t girls?’.

After comedian Bert Kreischer went shirtless in his act, Natasha Leggero came up with the idea of ​​imitating his co-star. She stepped onto the stage, calmly took off her overalls and then her shirt, completely revealing her bare chest. The actress smiled brightly at her striptease performance while the audience screamed passionately.

Natasha Leggero undressed on stage in front of a large audience

Right after turning 18+, Natasha Leggero temporarily put on a fur coat and began performing a comedy act. She was one of many stars performing at the Comedy Rocks event on the Hollywood Improv stage in Los Angeles last week. Other names appearing include David Spade and Tiffany Haddish.

Natasha Leggero recreates actor Bert Kreischer's shirtless scene.

Natasha Leggero recreates actor Bert Kreischer’s shirtless scene.

Natasha Leggero was born in 1974, is an American actress and screenwriter. She became famous after appearing as the host of the MTV reality television show The 70s House in 2005 and as a member of the late-night talk show Chelsea Lately from 2008 to 2014. The actress has also participated in many films. cinema and television, especially loved in sitcom series such as Ugly Americans , Free Agents , Brickleberry , Broke… On the comedy stage, Natasha made her mark with her style of mocking culture and class. famous.

In 2015, Natasha Leggero married comedian Moshe Kasher. The couple welcomed their first daughter in 2018.

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