Steve Harvey Openly THREATENS Monique & Katt Williams For Exposing His LIES

Steve Harvey Openly THREATENS Monique & Katt Williams For Exposing His LIES

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Steve Harvey has finally broken his silence on Katt Williams exposing his lies and it looks like Katt really struck a nerve because Steve is reportedly taking extreme measures to silence not just Katt, but also Monique who backed Katt’s comments and called out Steve for backstabbing fellow Black comedians…

During his appearance on Shannon Sharpe’s podcast, Club Shay Shay, Katt went on a passionate rant against several heavyweights in the comedy world, including Steve Harvey…

Katt claimed that Steve lied about being homeless, called him out for abandoning his first wife, routinely stole jokes, and he even alleged that Steve hated the late Bernie Mac and tried to sabotage his career out of jealousy…

Meanwhile, several industry figures backed Katt’s claim, including Ed Lover, Monique, and even Bernie Mac’s daughter…

And now Steve is firing back and warning Katt and Monique to keep his name out of their mouths or else… However, it looks like Steve’s reaction had the opposite effect and it only got people to show even more support to Katt and Monique…

But what exactly did Steve say in his response? And does this mean everything Katt and Monique said about Steve is true??

Let’s break it down!

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As fans will recall, the ‘Pimp Chronicles’ star made comments about Harvey allegedly stealing jokes from fellow comedian Mark Curry. While Mo’Nique opted not to speak on the matter, she was more than open to discussing her own share of issues with the West Virginia native.

According to the ‘Blackbird’ actress, the tension between them started when Mo’Nique appeared on Harvey’s talk show in 2019, per PEOPLE. “When Steve Harvey sat on that show, and he said, ‘Mo, your husband can’t be out here flexing like he do. He can’t be who he is when he come out here.’ Let me tell you what that meant,” she said.

Previously, Mo’Nique and her husband and manager, Sidney Hicks, had been in talks to front her own show with the same producers behind Harvey’s talk show. But things took a left turn when their discussion swiftly changed to producers allegedly revealing details about Harvey’s pay.

That’s when Hicks interrupted the producers.

Producers reportedly revealed Mo’Nique and Hicks’ statements to Harvey. However, he allegedly brushed it off as no big deal, telling his producers, “Man, sometimes my frat brothers can be a little fanatical man, that ain’t nothing, I’ll take care of it.”

The news outlet notes that Harvey and Hicks have been longtime members of the Omega Psi Phi, an African-American fraternity.

Hicks also accused Harvey of counting the number of Black people in his audience in fear that too many people of color could cost him sponsorship deals.

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