Whoopi Goldberg collapses on The View table after cohost brings up Taylor Swift yet again

Whoopi Goldberg collapses on The View table after cohost brings up Taylor Swift yet again

Goldberg hilariously reacted to resident Swiftie Alyssa Farah Griffin working Swift into an interview with Bryce Dallas Howard.

Whoopi Goldberg’s personal space, mental well being, and overall bubble of peace were all hilariously invaded by a pervasive lavender haze wafting over from Alyssa Farah Griffin’s side of The View table this morning.

After the show spent multiple minutes at the top of Wednesday’s show hitting back at NFL-loving “incels” for criticizing Taylor Swift’s appearances supporting boyfriend and Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce at several recent football games, the moderator and Oscar-winning Ghost actress playfully collapsed to the Hot Topics table after Griffin worked the pop superstar’s name into a subsequent interview with Argylle actress Bryce Dallas Howard.

Argylle, as we know, it’s based on a book supposedly written by a novelist named Elly Conway, but there’s a conspiracy theory making the rounds, that Elly Conway is actually a pseudonym for Taylor Swift,” Griffin said, referencing a debunked theory that Swift served as the basis for the film’s story, as Goldberg laughed and brought her head to rest on the table while exclaiming, “Oh my God!”

Joy Behar also appeared to be annoyed by the mention of Swift’s name, shaking her head and echoing Goldberg’s words as she, too, said, “Oh my God” while Howard answered the question.

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“It’s really important, because Taylor Swift is an icon and works very hard on all the things that she creates, and we’d never want to take credit for something she wasn’t part of. So, yes, Taylor Swift did not write Argylle, but none of us have a full understanding of the mystery around Elly Conway,” Howard continued. “Matthew Vaughn, the director, his daughter heard about this theory about Taylor Swift and rushed into his room and was like, ‘Why did you not tell me that Taylor Swift wrote Argylle, dad? You should at least be able to trust me?’ And he was like, ‘hmm, pardon?’ and went online and saw this.”

Behar then attempted to move the discussion along: “Alright. Okay, enough with Taylor Swift,” she said. “I mean, we love the girl, but, alright.”

Griffin chuckled as she exclaimed that she works Swift “into every segment,” before they segued into a separate talking point.

Swift has been a recurring Hot Topic for the ladies of The View lately, with the cohosts discussing everything from a wild Fox News conspiracy theory that suggested Swift was floated as a potential government asset to control public opinion to the singer-songwriter’s reaction to Jo Koy’s Golden Globes monologue earlier this month.

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