Why does Jon Bon Jovi still have a career when so many others from that era do not?

Jon Bon Jovi still has a career because along with being a talented guy, he’s got a good mind for the music business. Jon Bon Jovi is a forward thinking person. It all comes down to him having both the willingness and the ability to adapt and adapt well.

During the 80s when the over the top, glamorous look was in, he used it and used to to his best benefit.

When that look went out of style, the way he reacted to that was pretty different than the reaction of most of his contemporaries.

Most of Jon Bon Jovi’s contemporaries tried to hold on to that same style as much as they could. They wanted to stay with that look that had brought them success, but that look wasn’t bringing anyone success anymore! They would tone it down slightly, but still it was basically the same look.

Jon Bon Jovi’s reaction was that of: Alright, that look is out of style now so I’m going to move forward and adapt my look to something that’s in style now. I’ll do the same with my sound.

Adapting his image to the 90s

Anyone in the entertainment industry who has any common sense is going to adapt to what is in style at that time. The only time that wouldn’t hold true is if you’re trying to actually set a trend. That’s a very different mindset though. It’s mindset of being willing to risk trying something new.

Jon Bon Jovi wasn’t trying to set a trend in the 90s or 2000s or 2010s. He just had the sense to adapt to changing times in an age appropriate way. It might sound like a simple thing, but to look at some of his contemporaries, you almost feel bad for them.

You look at Jon Bon Jovi adapting to what works for the time and then you look at one of his contemporaries who refuses to adapt and it’s like looking at a drowning man trying to save himself from the inevitable.

Jon Bon Jovi adapting yet again, appropriate to the era and to his age

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