Oprah FINALLY Breaks Silence On Taraji P Henson Pay Controversy (PR Damage Control?)-be

Oprah Winfrey Addresses Pay Disparity Controversy with Taraji P. Henson

In a recent interview, Oprah Winfrey responded to the controversy surrounding the pay disparity between her and Taraji P. Henson during the production of the 2014 film “The Butler.” Henson had previously opened up about feeling undervalued and underpaid in her memoir, sparking discussions about Hollywood’s treatment of black actresses.

Henson’s revelation shed light on the unequal compensation she received compared to her white counterparts, including Oprah Winfrey. In the interview, Oprah clarified that she was not involved in the negotiation process or budget decisions, putting the responsibility on the studio and director Lee Daniels.

Oprah asserted that she had no knowledge of the pay gap issue until Henson’s memoir was published. She expressed disappointment that her name was being dragged into the controversy and emphasized her commitment to supporting the film and its cast.

The media mogul addressed the accusations directly, stating, “I didn’t know what anybody was getting paid. I didn’t ask, I didn’t negotiate. I just said yes to the role because I wanted to work with Lee and support his vision.” Oprah further emphasized that her role as a producer did not extend to managing individual salaries.

Regarding the recent viral video showing an awkward interaction between Oprah and Henson during “The Color Purple” promo tour, Oprah dismissed any claims of tension, attributing it to misinterpretation. She emphasized her pride in the film and its positive impact on the industry, particularly for black actresses.

Oprah FINALLY Breaks Silence On Taraji P Henson Pay Controversy (PR Damage  Control?) - YouTube

In response to the controversy, Oprah called for Henson to issue a public apology for what she deemed as false accusations. Oprah maintained that she has been a staunch supporter of Henson’s career and expressed her confusion over being implicated in the narrative.

While Oprah clarified her stance on the matter, Henson has yet to respond publicly. The ongoing saga highlights the challenges faced by black actresses in Hollywood and the need for transparency and equity in the industry.

As the discussion continues, both Oprah Winfrey and Taraji P. Henson remain pivotal figures in the ongoing conversation about representation, pay disparity, and empowerment in the entertainment industry.

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