VIDEO: Taylor Swift and Wardrobe Malfunction at Eras Tour Show

We already know Taylor Swift Can Do It With a Broken Heart—and apparently, she can do it in the midst of a wardrobe malfunction, too.


The 34-year-old music sensation recently had to deal with yet another costume crisis in the middle of one of her Eras Tour concerts. But fortunately, she knows just how to handle those types of situations swiftly and effectively.

The latest Errors Tour wardrobe malfunction occurred during the segment of the show that covers the Tortured Poets Department era.

While Swift was putting on the metallic jacket as part of her costume, her sparkly black glove got caught on one of the sleeves, giving her a hard time while she tried to free her hand.

Fortunately, the “Mastermind” songstress knew just what to do, and she perfectly incorporated the unplanned wardrobe issue into the performance, making it part of the little skit she does before moving on to the next song.

For those who haven’t seen the bit before, Swift is reluctantly brought back to life after singing the deep cut “The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived,” which ends with her laying on the ground and playing dead.

Two of her dancers then help her primp and change outfits before performing “I Can Do It With a Broken Heart,” an upbeat track about her getting back out on stage even after going through some of her most painful breakups (See: Joe Alwyn and Matty Healy).

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Swift always plays into the bit, acting like she doesn’t want to perform while her dancers essentially have to pretend to force her.

So when she couldn’t get her glove out of her jacket sleeve, she threw a bit of a tantrum and waved her arm about, which made perfect sense in the context of the skit.

Her dancer, Kam Saunders, also gave her a hand, which was equally fitting, since he was already responsible for putting the jacket on her in the first place.

“She’s such a professional because there’s no way I wouldn’t be laughing 😂,” one person wrote in a video of the mishap shared to TikTok.

“She just always makes it work tho!” another user pointed out.

“She has the cutest tantrums,” wrote another, while someone else applauded the singer, “I just love how she embraces the goof ups. she is a professional but can roll with anything.”

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