Hugh Jackman Calls Prince Harry ‘Psycho’ During Shanghai Media Event

  Clash of the Titans Hugh Jackman Unleashes Scathing Attack on Prince Harry Over Movie Role Request. The usually affable and charming Hugh …


Clash of the Titans Hugh Jackman Unleashes Scathing Attack on Prince Harry Over Movie Role Request. The usually affable and charming Hugh Jackman stunned onlookers today during a press conference for his latest film, *Deadpool and Wolverine*, when he unleashed a blistering attack on British royal Prince Harry. Jackman called Harry a “wacko” and told him to “go back to his family in the UK and ask for forgiveness.”

The unexpected outburst came after reports surfaced that Prince Harry had reached out to Jackman’s team, requesting a role in the highly anticipated superhero crossover movie. Jackman, who has played the iconic Wolverine character for over 20 years, was having none of it.

“Who does this guy think he is, just waltzing in and demanding a part in my movie?” Jackman fumed, his usually friendly demeanor replaced by palpable anger. “He’s not an actor; he’s a prince and a troublemaker at that. If he wants to play dress-up, he can go back to Buckingham Palace and put on one of his silly costumes. This is a job for real professionals, not some washed-up royal looking for attention.”

The crowd of reporters sat in stunned silence as Jackman continued his tirade, visibly frustrated by the mere suggestion of Prince Harry’s involvement in the film.

“I’ve busted my ass for years to become the best damn Wolverine I can be, and I’ll be damned if some entitled, scandal-prone princeling is going to waltz in and try to steal my thunder,” Jackman declared. “This is my movie, my character, and my legacy. Harry needs to go back to the UK, beg his family for forgiveness, and leave the acting to the professionals.”

When pressed for further details on the rift between the two public figures, Jackman remained tight-lipped, simply stating, “I don’t have time for drama and nonsense. I’m here to make a great movie, not babysit some overprivileged royal who thinks he can do whatever he wants.”

The outburst has sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry, with many fans and industry insiders weighing in on the unexpected clash between the two celebrities. Some have praised Jackman for his unwavering commitment to his craft, while others have criticized him for his harsh and unprofessional response.

“Hugh Jackman is usually such a class act, so to see him lose his cool like that is really surprising,” said movie critic Emily Chun. “I get that he’s protective of his signature role, but calling Prince Harry a wacko and telling him to go back to the UK seems a bit over the top. There’s definitely more to this story than we’re seeing.”

Others, however, have rallied behind Jackman, arguing that he has every right to defend his legacy and the integrity of the Wolverine character he has so carefully cultivated over the years.

“Hugh Jackman has poured his heart and soul into being Wolverine, and I can understand why he wouldn’t want some celebrity interloper trying to muscle in on that,” said longtime Marvel fan James Rodriguez. “Prince Harry may be a royal, but that doesn’t automatically make him a great actor. Jackman’s got a point; if Harry wants to be in movies, he should probably start at the bottom like everyone else.”

To understand the depth of Jackman’s reaction, it’s important to look at his long and storied history with the Wolverine character. When the first X-Men movie hit theaters in 2000, Jackman was a relative unknown, plucked from obscurity to take on the role of the gruff, adamantium-clawed mutant. At the time, many fans were skeptical about the casting choice, as Jackman’s lanky frame and boyish good looks didn’t exactly scream berserker rage.

But the Australian actor quickly won over audiences with his raw intensity, physical prowess, and ability to capture Wolverine’s complex blend of animalistic ferocity and underlying humanity. Over the next two decades, Jackman would go on to star in a total of nine X-Men and Wolverine solo films, cementing his status as one of the most iconic and beloved comic book movie characters of all time.

“This role has defined my career, and I’ve poured my heart and soul into it,” Jackman said in a 2021 interview. “Wolverine isn’t just a character to me; he’s a part of who I am. So when someone like Prince Harry comes along and thinks they can just waltz in and take that away, it’s a real kick in the gut.”

According to sources close to the production, Prince Harry’s interest in the *Deadpool and Wolverine* project first surfaced earlier this year, shortly after the film was announced. The 39-year-old royal, who has dabbled in acting over the years with minor roles in a few TV shows and films, allegedly reached out to Jackman’s team to express his desire to be involved in the highly anticipated super

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