WAKE UP HARRY! Expert Tom Bower slams him for defending Gold-Digger Meghan, reveals her true face

# “Wake Up, Harry!” Expert Tom Bower Slams Prince for Defending “Gold-Digger” Meghan, Reveals Her True Face

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Royal author Tom Bower has unleashed a scathing critique of Prince Harry’s unwavering defense of Meghan Markle, accusing him of being blinded by love and manipulated by Meghan’s alleged gold-digging tendencies. Bower’s insights shed light on Meghan’s past behaviors and her strategic maneuvers for personal gain, sparking intense debate and scrutiny.

Prince Harry stayed at hotel in London to 'show he can support himself'  financially: ex-butler

Tom Bower questions Prince Harry’s behavior, highlighting his persistent defense of Meghan Markle despite mounting criticisms. Bower argues that Meghan is using the race card and has a history of discarding relationships when they no longer serve her interests. As an expert with a background in researching and analyzing public figures, Bower’s criticisms carry significant weight.

One of Bower’s key points is Meghan’s claims about the royal family’s concerns over Archie’s skin color. He suggests that Meghan may be manipulating this narrative to garner sympathy and distract from other issues. Bower emphasizes Meghan’s pattern of severing ties with individuals once they cease to be beneficial, raising doubts about her character and intentions.

Furthermore, Bower delves into Meghan Markle’s actions towards her exes, family, and the Royal Family, illustrating a consistent pattern of manipulative behavior. He argues that Meghan prioritizes personal gain over relationships, using people strategically and discarding them when convenient. This pattern, according to Bower, paints Meghan as someone driven by status and privilege rather than genuine connections.

Bower also criticizes Meghan for maintaining her royal titles even after stepping back from royal duties, implying that this move is calculated to enhance her and Harry’s celebrity status and marketability. He questions her sincerity and motives, portraying her actions as driven by a desire for wealth and influence.

Additionally, Bower theorizes that Meghan may harbor resentment towards her father for his lack of fame and fortune, suggesting that her drive to marry into the royal family was motivated by a quest for power and status.

Bower’s revelations and criticisms have sparked intense debate, with supporters of Meghan and Harry defending the couple against these accusations. However, Bower’s perspective adds a new layer to the ongoing scrutiny of Meghan Markle’s character and intentions, challenging the narrative presented by the couple.

As the public continues to dissect and debate these claims, the royal drama surrounding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle remains as captivating as ever. Whether these allegations hold truth or are simply part of the media frenzy, the impact on the couple and the royal family will undoubtedly be significant.

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