Caitlin Clark fans are going crazy after Angel Reese took this away, leaving all of Caitlin Clark’s efforts unrecognized.

Both rookies have broken records and look like veteran players so far this season.

LSU's Angel Reese reacts in front of Iowa's Caitlin Clark during the...

LSU’s Angel Reese reacts in front of Iowa’s Caitlin Clark during the NCAA Women’s Final Four championship basketball gameAP

This WNBA season has been one for the books, shattering records in all areas: arena attendance, TV ratings, social media streams, merchandise sales, and on-court performances.

Standout achievements include Caitlin Clark’s first triple-double for a rookie and the longest consecutive double-double streak in history by Angel Reese (14).

Whether you see one as the hero and the other as the villain is up to you, but there’s no denying that they push each other to new heights.

Both players are undoubtedly aware of each other’s accomplishments and use them as motivation for their own games.

 Clark’s latest inspiration came from seeing Reese become the first rookie this season to earn Player of the Week honors for the Eastern Conference, while A’ja Wilson secured the title for the 19th time in her career, placing her 7th for most career Player of the Week awards.

Clark’s fans were unhappy with this decision, believing that her first triple-double for a rookie and for the Indiana Fever franchise against the top team this season, the New York Liberty (18-4), should have secured her the accolade. Averaging nearly a triple-double over three games with 15 points, 9 rebounds, and 12 assists per game, Clark’s performance was impressive.

However, Reese might have clinched the award by playing one more game (4) than Clark (3) last week, while also playing at a very high level.

With one week left before the season pauses on July 17 for the All-Star Game on July 20 and the Olympics beginning on July 26, both Clark with the Fever (9-14) and Reese with Sky (9-12) have three more games.

When the season resumes on August 15, the intensity will ramp up, and debates over who deserves the accolades will continue.

The ideal scenario for the WNBA would be for both teams to make the playoffs and face each other, a matchup sure to draw massive ratings and attention.

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