A series of ‘refusing to understand’ actions by international female idols on stage, typically female singer Sophia Urista ‘walking lightly’ in the audience’s faces shocked the entire internet.

The fact that female singer Sophia Urista “walked lightly” in the audience’s face shocked the entire internet. But it turns out, she is not the first artist to behave in such a strange way…

Recently, singer Sophia Urista , lead vocalist of the rock band Brass Agaisnt, shocked everyone when she urinated right on an audience member’s face while performing at a music festival. 

Although the female rocker’s actions were not pretty, it turned out that she was not the only one with such strange, uncontrolled behavior. After Sophia’s incident, a series of past antics of international stars such as Madonna , Cardi B, Taylor Swift , Milley Cyrus … were also dug up again.

Milley Cyrus

Milley Cyrus is probably the most mentioned name after the incident of the female rocker urinating right in the audience’s face. Because the voice of We can’t stop is the coach – the person who selected and led Sophia Urista in The Voice – USA in 2016. 

Milley Cyrus's controversial costumes and sexually suggestive choreography.Milley Cyrus’s controversial costumes and sexually suggestive choreography.

Many opinions say that Sophia’s actions more or less affected Milley Cyrus ‘s reputation . However, perhaps they forgot that the We Can’t Stop singer also had bad actions on stage just like his students. 

Specifically, during the performance at the 2013 MTV VMA awards night, when duetting with male singer Robin Thicks on the songs We can’t stop and Blurred Lines , Milley Cyrus also had an eye-catching choreography. Or rather, the sexually explicit gestures were too obvious and offensive to the junior male singer on stage. 

Many audiences and entertainers criticized the performance. Many audiences and entertainers criticized the performance. 

Some people even compared Milley’s gesture to a stripper at a cheap bar. And even though those are the actions of a rebellious girl in her twenties, they are still a dark mark that is hard to erase on Miley Cyrus.

Cardi B

Adding to the list of artists’ confusing actions is Cardi B’s performance of facing the audience directly. 

Specifically in 2019, famous female rapper Cardi B had a performance at the Vintage Pride Washington event. With her usual seductive “sticky meat” style, Cardi B and her cast of dancers as usual still stir up the stage with their fiery performance and hot body. 

The moment Cardi B completely pressed her massive butt on an audience member's face was shocking.The moment Cardi B completely pressed her massive butt on an audience member’s face was shocking.

But the climax was when she approached a fan and… used this “unlucky” male spectator’s face as a place… to grab her butt, lowering her massive butt straight up. It is known that this is an exciting dance with the main tool being the sexy buttocks, later named Twerk dance. 

Needless to say, the female singer’s shocking actions made the public bored. Even though the owner later personally uploaded the video to his personal page as a proud event.


During Madonna’s nearly 40-year career, in addition to her talent and iconic beauty of a “Queen of pop”, her rebellious personality has always been associated with her name. Among them, fans must never forget the performance Like a virgin  as part of the Blond Ambition  tour in 1990.

Pop queen Madonna also had strange actions on stage.Pop queen Madonna also had strange actions on stage.

When the performance of the super hit  Like a virgin  was re-mixed and re-performed by Madonna herself on this tour, the stage and choreography were invested very grandly. In it, Madonna plays the main character with intense, provocative contortions alongside two muscular male dancers. 

It is not difficult for the audience to realize that this is a dance move that simulates the act of masturbation, which should only take place in private. But now, Madonna performs them right on stage with millions of viewers watching. 

Madonna's 21+ dancing and twisting performance made viewers freeze.Madonna’s 21+ dancing and twisting performance made viewers freeze.

Surely, there were many fans below who witnessed this strange “21+” performance of the pop queen, making them blush and be stunned because they didn’t know they were watching a music performance. or adult movies.

Taylor Swift

“Country music princess” Taylor Swift is famous for her elegance in the artist world. However, she could not avoid taking offensive actions when performing. 

During the show as part of the Reptuation tour  in New Zealand in 2018, she unfortunately caught a cold right on stage. The female owner of Bad Blood continuously sobbed into a tissue throughout her performances. 

Taylor Swift's innocent act of throwing nose tissue straight at the audience was severely criticized.Taylor Swift’s innocent act of throwing nose tissue straight at the audience was severely criticized.

However, because she couldn’t go down to find a trash can, she carelessly… threw a tissue soaked with her snot straight into the area where fans stood below. 

When the fancam was posted, Taylor’s act of throwing a tissue paper at her fans was considered uncool by netizens, because it was not an unintentional reaction but she had apologized before throwing it.

Many fans and audiences who watched the video expressed their discomfort and said that the female singer did not respect the public when she acted unhygienic right on the performance stage. “There are many ways to put that unsanitary piece of paper on the floor other than throwing it in the audience’s face like that!” – a comment account.

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