Whoopi Goldberg reveals the truth about her sexuality – and everyone is saying the same thing

Whoopi Goldberg, an iconic figure in Hollywood with a career spanning decades, recently addressed longstanding suspicions about her personal life in a candid interview. The acclaimed actress and comedian, who holds the prestigious EGOT status, boasting an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony awards, has always been a subject of public interest.

Appearing on The Best Podcast Ever With Raven & Miranda, Goldberg faced a direct question about her sexuality from co-host Raven-Symoné. Raven openly shared her admiration for Goldberg and playfully expressed a perception of “lesbian vibes” from her. Raven’s wife, Miranda, added humor to the conversation, suggesting it might be Raven’s secret fantasy for everyone to be gay and hoping for Goldberg to come out right there.

Goldberg, known for portraying queer characters in films like The Color Purple (1985) and Boys on the Side (1995), acknowledged that people have been questioning her sexuality for as long as she can remember. Despite her several marriages to men, all of which ended in divorce, the skepticism persisted. Goldberg’s three marriages were to Alvin Martin in 1973, David Claessen from 1986 to 1988, and Lyle Trachtenberg from 1994 to 1995.

After her third divorce, Goldberg has been vocal about her reservations towards marriage, at one point describing herself as ‘relationship-averse.’ In an interview, she expressed the societal expectations of having a boyfriend and getting married but emphasized her desire to avoid sharing personal information or conforming to expectations.

Raven-Symoné delved into Goldberg’s perceived ‘duality,’ noting her ability to embrace both masculine and feminine aspects. She commended Goldberg for effortlessly embodying this duality, emphasizing that it transcends sexual orientation and is a reflection of being human.

Goldberg responded by acknowledging the duality in human nature, stating that God created individuals in such a way and that there are no mistakes. She rejected the notion of categorizing people into fixed boxes and emphasized the fluidity of human existence.

To put an end to the speculations about her sexuality, Goldberg asserted in the interview that she is not a lesbian but has many lesbian friends. She explained the clear boundaries she has established with her friends, showcasing a healthy understanding and acceptance of diverse relationships.

In conclusion, the interview offered a glimpse into Whoopi Goldberg’s perspective on her personal life, dispelling rumors and addressing long-standing suspicions. Goldberg’s openness about her experiences with marriage, her unique approach to relationships, and her acceptance of diverse friendships showcase her authenticity in navigating the complexities of fame and public scrutiny. As she reaffirms her straight orientation, Goldberg stands as a testament to the importance of embracing individuality and rejecting societal expectations.

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