Bill Belichick’s NFL future is revealed when the 72-year-old man is fully enjoying a ‘steamy’ vacation with his 24-year-old girlfriend

FORMER New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick could turn his back on NFL coaching for good as his relationship with cheerleader girlfriend Jordon Hudson continues to blossom.

The U.S. Sun has spoken to two sources close to the six-time Super Bowl-winning legend who claim that being with his 24-year-old girlfriend has given Belichick a new lease on life.

Jordon Hudson has reportedly been living with legendary former New England Patriots coach Bill BelichickCredit: Instagram/ jordon_isabella

The pair met on a flight from Boston to Florida three years ago and have started datingCredit: TMZ Sports

The U.S. Sun has spoken to two of Belichick’s friends who say their old pal could turn his back on coaching for good now that he’s living ‘the simple life’Credit: Getty
Belichick, 72, hasn’t returned to the NFL sidelines since quitting his beloved New England Patriots in January after 24 years.

He flirted with the Atlanta Falcons earlier this year, but his only gig appears to be as a pundit on ESPN – and as boyfriend to his new squeeze.


Meanwhile, Belichick and Hudson have been pictured together enjoying a romantic getaway at Belichick’s Nantucket residence, and have even started wearing matching rings.

Insiders claim the pair are smitten despite the massive age gap, with Belichick lapping up “the simple life” after over two decades working in the Patriots pressure cooker.

“This is another shot at youthfulness,” said a former Patriots colleague who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

He claims after “years of making the Pats his priority” Belichick now has full license to enjoy his freedom and the “simple things in life.”

“I don’t know if he is looking to go back to coaching again, I may be wrong, but I think that he is realizing that there is more in life than just football,” added the insider.


Belichick met Jordon on a flight to Florida from Boston three years ago and stayed in touch.

The NFL legend, who split up with his former girlfriend Linda Holliday last year, has not spoken publicly about his new relationship.

But people close to him and Hudson are fully aware of their blossoming romance.

Moment Bill Belichick, 72, is caught sneaking out of 24-year-old girlfriend Jordon Hudson’s home on Ring camera

The close pal says he now sees a “refreshing” side of Belichick, whose steely determination and work ethic set him apart in the pantheon of legendary coaches.

Per TMZ, the couple has “been living together for months,” with our insider claiming this is anything but a quick fling.

“I see this going far,” he admitted.


Hudson, who was a competitive cheerleader at Bridgewater State University, is said to have moved into Belichick’s house in Hingham, Massachusetts, sometime around the New Year.

The downsides of having a massive age gap relationship

Dr. Jenn Mann, MFT, a licensed therapist, reveals the key issues experienced by romantic partners with a huge age gap between them.

Dr. Mann claimed it might initially feel exciting when one partner is much younger than the other, like Bill Belichick, 72, and Jordon Hudson, 24, who share a whopping 48-year age difference.

“When people get older, they might just think it is refreshing that a young woman is looking at them adoringly and is attracted to them and is interested in him,” Dr. Mann told The U.S. Sun.

“[But] there is a huge gap in life experience — in just years on this planet, in the way that helps us to evolve, develop, and mature.”

“Even the most mature young person, when there is a 40-year age gap, the older people are incredibly immature.

“You’re not meeting in the middle regarding development and life experience.”

Dr. Mann said one common consideration for older male partners would be the younger female wanting a father figure.

“Usually, younger women are drawn to much older men because of unresolved issues with their fathers,” Dr. Mann added.

“This could be a lack of attention, love, someone not being there, or even someone being in the household but not being present the way she might wish he was.”

Dr. Mann noted that sexual and intimacy issues might begin to be at play, given the older partner may not have as much energy.

What’s more, for older men, “it becomes more difficult typically to get and maintain an erection,” she said.

“There are problems related to sexual performance, which can create other risks when it comes to taking medication for sexual performance.”

Socially, Dr. Mann suggested that issues may arise between a couple when they mix with friends from different generations.

“In this case, if they’re hanging with Bill’s friends in their seventies or even sixties and fifties, a 24-year-old woman at that table will likely struggle to find common ground socially,” she said.

By Emma Bussey

She joined Belichick on a recent trip to Croatia and appears to be sticking around, despite the huge age gap.

“She loves his jokes,” revealed another friend of Belichick.

“You can see the connection. They are a solid duo, two peas in a pod.”

He said his old friend “doesn’t care” what anyone thinks, and thinks Jordon has been a “breath of fresh air” following his Patriots termination after so many glory-filled years.


With few coaching options available, Belichick signed with ESPN to appear on the Manningcast during Monday Night Football.

There will always be a clamor for one of the greatest tactical minds in sport to return to the big time.

But now that love is in the air, Belichick’s friends say his attention is elsewhere.

“Bill is not stressing about getting another job as a coach or not, and just living his best life,” said his buddy.

“To be honest, I don’t think he would be frustrated if he doesn’t get a coaching job again.

When you have a simple life, and someone you like spending time with, it’s tough to interrupt that dynamic.

We will see, but it’s hard for me to see him coaching again.”

Belichick has some TV opportunities ahead of the new NFL season, but a return to the sidelines is unlikely, according to a sourceCredit: Getty

The 24-year-old former cheerleader has been seen enjoying days out with her 72-year-old boyfriendCredit: Instagram/jordon_isabella

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