Eras Tour was a huge success, Taylor Swift’s fortune skyrocketed in 2024, the whole of Europe admired it

After more than 6 months, Taylor Swift’s assets increased by 200 million USD, now reaching 1.3 billion USD. The singer got rich quickly thanks to the resounding success of The Eras Tour.

In an update on May 28, Forbes wrote: “Taylor Swift, who will be named a billionaire in October 2023, is getting richer thanks to her global tour. She is now worth $1.3 billion – $200 million more than last year’s $1.1 billion .”

In the list of female billionaires in showbiz up to this point, Swfit ranks behind Rihanna ( 1.4 billion USD ), Kim Kardashian ( 1.7 billion USD ) and “TV queen” Oprah Winfrey ( 3 billion USD ).

Taylor Swift at a show in Portugal. Photo: @taylorswift.


Taylor Swift at a show in Portugal. Photo: @taylorswift.

Swift’s Eras Tour continues to dominate the global concert market. Having set a record in December 2023 as the first tour to gross more than $1 billion in ticket sales (according to Pollstar ), The Eras Tour is expected to gross more than $2 billion by the end of the year.

In addition, Swift’s fortune has increased rapidly thanks to a series of records for online listening of her new album The Tortured Poets Department with a total of 31 songs.

According to Hollywood Reporter , on the day of its release alone, The Tortured Poets Department reached 310 million online listenings, surpassing the record of Midnights – the album she released in 2022 (185 million listenings).

Songs from the new album have been added to the setlist by Swift during the ongoing European leg of The Eras Tour.

Taylor Swift has a huge influence in showbiz. Photo: Architecturaldigest.


Taylor Swift has a huge influence in showbiz. Photo: Architecturaldigest.

In October 2023, financial company Bloomberg confirmed that Taylor Swift had a net worth of about $1.1 billion thanks to hundreds of millions of dollars earned from selling music copyrights and touring.

Forbes called this a “miracle” because Swift’s assets mainly come from music without a large contribution from business like many other stars.

The owner of the hit Blank Space has long been known as a “money printing machine” when she has been on the list of the best-earning stars 6 times. Not only is Swift rich, she also has great influence. The proof is that the female singer has risen in the top of the most powerful women voted by Forbes , from 79th place (in 2022) to 5th place this year.

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