Everyone Is Saying the Same Thing After ‘Hawk Tuah’ Girl Was Spotted Partying With Shaquille O’Neal in Nashville This Weekend

Shaquille O’Neal with Hawk Tuah Girl (Image source DJ Diesel/X)

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal, also known as “the big Daddy,” recently surprised NBA fans by appearing in a photo with internet sensation Hailey Welch. Hailey gained fame for her phrase “Hawk Tuah” after featuring in a Tim & Dee TV video. When asked about one thing in bed that impresses a man, she responded with, “You have to give them the ‘hawk tuah’,” which quickly went viral.

The 52-year-old NBA legend was seen with the famous ‘Hawk Tuah’ Girl in Nashville over the weekend.

Shaq uploaded some photos with Hawk Tuah girl in his DJ DIESEL account on X (formerly known as Twitter). Meanwhile, NBA fans became more creative in the comment section and gave various types of reactions. One fan said, “Aw shit Shaq got hawhtauh’d his life about to change.”

Meanwhile, another fan gave some advice for the Hawk Tuah girl, stating, “She should be starting a business rn. Creating a social presence. Starting social media. Her following would easily explode to 1m+ and she could start selling tshirt, hats and other accessories with the “Hawk Tuah” quote. I’d turn her into a millionaire over night smh.”

A third fan became creative with his words and said, “Shaq saw how easy it was for her, Now he’s planning on Hawk Tuah’ing his way to the top.”

Meanwhile, another fan commented, “She gonna need more than hawk tuah on that thang.”

Shaquille O’Neal Praised Angel Reese for Her Achievement

Shaquille O’Neal is quite active on his social media accounts, where he shares his reactions to the latest happenings in the NBA. Recently, Angel Reese won the 2024 BET Award for Sportswoman of the Year, surpassing some of the industry’s most well-known stars. The Big Diesel was thrilled by this news and posted about Reese’s amazing achievement on Instagram.

During a recent episode of The Big Podcast With Shaq, Shaq issued a public apology to Drake for a social media misstep.

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