Football-shaped diamond? Jewelers come up with an engagement ring idea for Kelce to give to Taylor Swift

The folks at Brides magazine just couldn’t help. The venerable bible of weddings, like many people these days, is closely watching the Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce love story unfold.

But unlike most people, Brides has access to the most elite designers in the wedding world. So the writers can be forgiven for jumping the gun and indulging in a bit of fantasy football, so to speak: What would Swift’s engagement ring look like?

The magazine asked eight jewelers across the country to imagine the kind of ring Kelce might give Swift “because we (and the rest of the world) think they’re end game,” the magazine wrote.

“If @killatrav’s recent #ErasTour cameo left you wondering when will he pop the question — same,” the magazine wrote on its Instagram account. “That’s why we askedght jewelers to try their hand at guessing what #TaylorSwift’s engagement ring will look like.”

It couldn’t have been a difficult assignment. For one thing, most of the jewelers were self-described Swifties and easily answered the “what’s your favorite Swift song” question. (Of course a couple of them chose “Bejeweled.”)

But also, Swift’s taste in jewelry is well-known thanks to endless photographs and online discussions by style watchers who monitor everything she wears head to toe. Like the $50,000 in in rubies and diamonds she wore to the Super Bowl.

The @retrouvai Magna ring in ruby that Taylor Swift wore to the Super Bowl.
Remember how she punked the media with that huge opal ring she wore at her birthday party in December? It didn’t come from Kelce, contrary to mass hysteria. Er, speculation.

Taylor Swift’s friend Keleigh Teller gave Swift the gemstone ring she punked the media with by wearing it at her birthday party in December.
The eight designs reflect Swift’s known taste in classic but modern, vintage-inspired pieces, sometimes with quirky, hidden meanings.

So, what about a football-shaped diamond?

“I think that Taylor would love a large marquise-shaped diamond as her engagement ring with two beautifully cut baguette diamonds flanking it,” said third-generation jeweler Akshie Jhaveri, founder of Grown Brilliance, which specializes in conflict-free, lab-grown diamonds and counts Madonna as a client.

“The marquise diamond, shaped like a football, symbolizes precision and elegance, making it a perfect, glamorous fit for her engagement, blending sophistication with her bold persona,” Jhaveri said. “Its three-stone setting amplifies brilliance, akin to the spotlight on a championship game.”

Speaking of the Super Bowl, no one envisioned Kelce choosing a ring as bodacious and gawdy as his Super Bowl rings. But several fantasized about a ring with secret meanings for Swift, queen of the hidden Easter eggs.

Ruben Luna, founder and creative director of the fine jewelry company Workshop Underground in Philadelphia, envisioned a classic, eight-carat emerald-cut diamond set in art deco-inspired claw prongs accented with 13 round diamonds representing her lucky number.

“And, of course, there would be a hidden inscription engraved inside of the band reading ‘TNT,’” he told the magazine. (Kelce had custom “TNT” diamond bracelets for himself and Swift.)

On his company’s Instagram account, Luna wrote: “pssst… @killatrav hit us up!”

(Get in line. Philadelphia jewelry designer Steven Singer, whose daughter is a Swiftie, has already offered Kelce a $1 million custom ring if/when he proposes.)

Dana Gordon, founder of Dana Rebecca Designs in Chicago, imagined an elongated cushion-cut diamond, predicting that Kelce will choose a romantic style for a woman who writes love songs.

She included a nod to another of Taylor’s loves: her cats.

“Taylor’s love for her cats will not go unnoticed by Travis and we have engraved her three cats on the inside of the ring,” she said.

Her drawing showed the inside of the ring’s gold band engraved with the names Olivia, Meredith and Benjamin, separated by tiny hearts.

Swift named her cats Olivia (Benson, “Law & Order”), Meredith (Grey, “Grey’s Anatomy”) and Benjamin (Button, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”).

A round-cut center stone is currently the most popular engagement ring style for American brides, according to The Knot’s latest poll.

But Sarah Ortega, founder of Sarah O. Jewelry in Denver and “proud Swiftie,” envisioned a ring with a pear-shaped center stone “because it’s a timeless shape … more unique than the currently trending oval, or the ever-classic round.”

“The center stone is set in a half bezel for added security — this will keep her ring safe during all her long performances and worldly travels.”

She would put a half halo of small round diamonds around the tip of the pear-shaped diamond and one opal at its base, creating a story with the stones.

“There are nine diamonds to signify 1989, the year both Taylor and Travis were born,” she told Brides. “The small opal detail is an ode to Taylor’s favorite gemstone since she’s shared that opal jewelry has always brought her happiness.”

Olivia Landau, founder of bespoke jewelry company The Clear Cut in New York City, took a cue from Swift’s penchant for sentimental, vintage-inspired jewelry and predicted that Kelce would choose a yellow-gold antique diamond ring.

“Because she is so sentimental and loves storytelling, her ring will have a lot of personalized details,” Landau told Brides.

“For instance, she might incorporate six pave diamonds on each side of the band or in a hidden halo adding up to 13 diamonds total because she loves the number 13.

“She and Travis will definitely include a personalized engraving inside of the band like a song lyric, an inside joke, a phrase that they love, or a significant date.”

We can think of a date from last July that might fit that bill.

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