Former NBA Champion Shaquille O’Neal Drops Giant Truth Bomb On The Hype Surrounding Michael Jordan’s Inflated Stats

Shaquille O’Neal, Michael Jordan (Image Credits: Getty Images)

In a recent episode of the Big Podcast with Shaq, host Shaquille O’Neal shared his opinions on several current NBA topics, including Bronny James’ draft prospects, the Lakers’ hiring of JJ Redick, and the comparison between Angel Reese and Caitlin Clark.

Additionally, the former NBA player also addressed the controversy surrounding Michael Jordan’s inflated stats.

“I knew they were. I sat there and watched John Stockton’s last game, where he threw it to a guy, the guy took 10 dribbles and two steps, and he was able to break the assists record. Do they give extra love at home? They do. But it doesn’t matter.” Shaquille O’Neal said during a recent episode of his podcast.

Shaq, who is also known as the Big Diesel, mentioned that home statisticians may have given greater weight to Jordan and other legendary players. He also noted that the past should be ignored, and the present should take precedence.

The Origin of Jordan’s Inflated Stats That Shaq Mentioned

Shaq further mentioned that if someone were to go back and change Jordan’s stats, they should also change the stats of other great players, including John Havlicek and Pete Maravich.

“Do you want to impress me? Go back and change it. If you go back and change the Jordan stats, let’s go back to all the guys, Havlicek and Pete Maravich, who shot behind the three. Let’s give them an extra point for all the deep-range shots they got if you want to do that. Let it go. It’s unconfirmed.” Shaq added.

The debate began when NBA insider Tom Haberstroh shared his opinion about Michael Jordan’s steals and blocks during his Defensive Player of the Year 1988 season. He mentioned that Jordan was accused of manipulating stats because he had a significant advantage in steals and blocks at home compared to road games. This sparked a debate among NBA experts and fans about the accuracy of Jordan’s achievements.

During the same podcast, the owner of the Big Chicken brand, Shaq, also issued a public apology to Drake for a social media misstep.

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