Good couple: Steph Curry and LeBron James created a great match on Wednesday night that excited fans

LeBron James dunks after getting an alley-oop pass from Stephen Curry (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

LeBron James and Stephen Curry created the spark on Wednesday night that the basketball enthusiasts were eagerly expecting.

Besides their fantastic individual contribution, the pair’s connection in one of the buckets grabbed the spotlight.

The 39-year-old was all praises of his new teammate who spread magic at the T-Mobile Arena.

In the third quarter of the USA vs Canada pre-Olympics exhibition game, the fans got to witness a spectacular basket involving two of the greatest players of this generation.

When LeBron was asked in the post-game interview about the remarkable alley-oop from Curry that resulted in his bucket, he said, “We love to play the game of basketball… It’s fun.

We play the game at a high level, but more importantly, we just play the game that we love the right way, and that’s the result of it.”

During the middle of the quarter, LeBron took advantage by grabbing the ball that the opponents had lost possession of.

The 20-time All-Star ran with it to the other side of the court and passed it to Curry, who was within the arc.

While all eyes were on the sharpshooter to hit the shot, he gave the ball to LeBron, who had reached the rim by then.

LBJ’s dunk perfectly ended the Warriors star’s smooth lob.

While his chemistry with Curry looks to be in sharp shape, he’ll be missing another teammate, as Kawhi Leonard has withdrawn from the tournament.

LeBron James Reacts to Kawhi Leonard Withdrawal

After it was confirmed, LeBron James was asked about his opinion on the decision.

Supporting the thought process behind the withdrawal, LeBron said, “Obviously it was a decision that was mutual, I believe, between Kawhi and USA Basketball. We was definitely looking forward to it.

At the end of the day, he’s still a brother of ours. He went through training camp with us, he’s still a brother of ours.

More important, we just wish him the best and that’s all that matters.”

Boston Celtics guard Derrick White will be replacing Leonard for the tournament. Overall, things looked bright for the USAB as the team looks to defend its gold medal for a 4th consecutive edition.

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