Inside Taylor Swift’s $38 Million Highly Secure Rhode Island Home

Taylor Swift’s historic Rhode Island mansion, “High Watch,” valued at $38 million, spans 11,000 sq. ft. with 8 bedrooms and 10+ bathrooms.

Overlooking 700 feet of shoreline, this 1930-built colonial boasts 8 fireplaces, a 45’ sunroom, and a 5-car garage on a 5-acre estate.

Perched atop the highest point in Watch Hill, this mansion commands an unrivalled oceanfront presence, its lush lawns stretching to embrace the Atlantic.

Read on to see some rare Interior photos of Taylor Swift’s Home.

The estate’s sprawling grounds include an inviting swimming pool, complete with a playful slide, and lounge area, setting the scene for unforgettable outdoor enjoyment.

This family-friendly oasis is a rare blend of privacy and oceanside delight.

Embraced by rolling lawns, this stately colonial residence stands on generous grounds, offering panoramic views of Little Narragansett Bay.

The circular driveway provides a gracious entrance with plenty of parking, harmonizing convenience with the estate’s expansive greenery and waterfront allure.

High Watch stands out as a jewel among coastal homes with its striking white facade, embodying the quintessence of New England charm.

The property is not just a home but a statement of timeless elegance, framed by protective stone embankments and soft greenery.

This tranquil beach serves as the private haven for “High Watch,” with soft sands leading to the crisp waters of the Atlantic.

It’s a serene escape step away from the home, where the rhythmic waves compose a calming soundtrack for residents.

The sprawling lawn provides a backdrop for joyous moments, with the iconic residence towering above and the Atlantic stretching endlessly beyond.

Nestled in the coastal greenery of Rhode Island, “High Watch” stands as a beacon of elegance, its white exterior gleaming in the sunlight.

This oceanfront gem, surrounded by nature’s beauty, is a picture of serenity and a testament to its storied past.

Secluded terraces offer private nooks for outdoor dining, surrounded by lush plantings and the open sky.

These are the spots where one can sip a morning coffee or dine al fresco while overlooking the vast, blue expanse of the ocean.

Through the gated entrance, “High Watch” greets you with a promise of privacy and exclusivity, wrapped in manicured gardens.

The property’s grandeur is instantly palpable, with the stately manor house standing as a proud testament to its illustrious history.

On the terrace of this historic residence, you’ll have an unobstructed view of the majestic ocean with waves crashing against the shoreline.

Here, you can feel the ocean breeze and immerse yourself in Watch Hill’s tranquility, all in complete privacy.

Inside Taylor Swift’s Home

Photos inside Taylor Swift’s home are a rarity, but glimpses through her friends’ social media reveal a property steeped in history and modern celebrity.

This home, acquired from the estate of oil heiress Rebekah Harkness, serves as the backdrop for Swift’s celebrated July Fourth parties dubbed Taymerica.



Notably reserved, Swift has occasionally shared this private space with friends and during the early romance of Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper.







The Rhode Island mansion, part of Swift’s extensive $80 million real estate portfolio, contrasts with her primary $50 million New York residence.

Guests have revealed a home with a vintage bar, a kitchen with modern appliances and marble counters, and a living area with neutral tones and vintage sconces.



And, in a nod to her craft, there’s even a dedicated space set up for recording, adding a personal layer to this part of Swift’s $80 million real estate collection, a stark contrast to her $50 million primary residence in New York City.


Though Swift’s gatherings are infrequent, the home’s artistic touch is evident in the black-and-white hallway photographs of friends and family.


The patio, overlooking a private 700-foot beachfront, features multiple seating setups and a fire pit.


Ruby Rose/Instagram

Inflatable toys for entertainment fill the pool house, complementing the leisure amenities of the estate.


The formal dining room, with its classic wicker chairs and a view of the grounds, offers an intimate setting for meals and conversations.

This space, where natural light floods in through ample windows, is designed for gatherings that become cherished memories.

The living room, bathed in light, is a cozy retreat with pink sofas and a direct line of sight to the ocean’s horizon.

Here, relaxation is inevitable, with the sun’s warm embrace enhancing the home’s inviting atmosphere.

Step into this cozy corner, where you’ll discover a serene spot to relax, with endless ocean vistas.

The wicker chair by the French doors is the perfect place to enjoy a book or simply gaze at the sailboats gliding by.

With its rich, red walls and elegant furnishings, the parlor embodies the home’s refined aesthetic, providing a regal space for entertainment or relaxation.

This room, with its fireplace and expansive views, is the heart of the home, where warmth and grandeur meet.

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