Lady Gaga causes controversy on social media after her statement

Lady Gaga has withdrawn Do What U Want, a duet song with R. Kelly, after accusations of sexual abuse against this artist

The answers did not wait.

On her official Twitter account, the singer posted “I don’t remember ARTPOP”, an album that celebrates six years since its worldwide release.

And the responses were not long in coming, even Madeon, co-producer of pieces such as Venus and Gipsy commented: “Ohhhh, you’re missing out, let me play it for you. It has GREAT moments!!”.

The fourth album was released on November 6, 2013 in Japan and worldwide on November 11.

Gaga wrote and produced all the songs on the album, with help from DJ White Shadow, Zedd and Madeon, among others.

As part of its promotion, Applause, Do What U Want and GUY were released.

It is worth mentioning that last January, Lady Gaga withdrew Do What U Want, a song she performed with R.

Kelly, after accusations of sexual abuse against the artist came back into the spotlight.

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