LeBron James’ new career venture after NBA retirement revealed as LA Lakers star looks to move into new industry

LEBRON James is eying up a career in Hollywood after finishing his NBA career.

James has spent the last six seasons in Los Angeles, and is set to spend what could be his final two years in the NBA.

LeBron James is eying a major career change in retirementCredit: Getty

James is looking to expand his role in Hollywood moviesCredit: Alamy

Sources told The U.S. Sun that LeBron already has projects in the worksCredit: Getty

With all of that time in Los Angeles, LeBron has gotten familiar with the movie industry and is working on moving into film in his retirement.

Sources have told The U.S. Sun that LeBron is already working on multiple projects for his retirement.

“He loves acting, he loves the movie industry and he loves to invest in the industry,” the source told The U.S. Sun.

“He is working on many projects of producing shows and movies, and he wants to be back in front of the camera, as he really loved the experience on the movies he did act on.”

LeBron recently acted in the 2021 version of Space Jam and is looking to add new movies to his portfolio.

There are some hang-ups though, as the 39-year-old has been extremely busy with basketball activities lately.

He is competing in the Olympics for Team USA this summer, and is also grappling with his son joining the Lakers this season.

“He has tons of fun doing so, and he is very comfortable doing so, but his schedule lately has been very very busy with his NBA career and plans for his future in the NBA, but also with his son’s situation,” the source said.

“He had to put on the side for a few months some projects, he keeps received offers to be in movies, some action, some comedies, but he didn’t have time to do so this season.”

LeBron won’t be off of movie screens for much longer though, as sources expect him to start on a new project after his son’s rookie season.

LeBron James teases NBA retirement after agreeing new $104m LA Lakers deal as icon puts finishes touches on $37m mansion

“But he will do so soon, and the plan is to most likely be on a movie next summer, during the offseason, and his team has been working on ideas for shows, and to see what kind of movies would he produce and be on,” the source said.

“Acting is one of the top priority of his after basketball career, and with his image, potential and fame, he can really turn into a movie star, and be producing and acting in many, many movies.”

LeBron is expected to continue acting through the end of his basketball career before ramping things up further in retirement.

He feels that he can spend a lot of time in and be successful in for years to come.

“He doesn’t put limits on what he can do, and he knows the movie and TV industry is massive, and is always going to be an industry he can be involved in and work in, as an actor and/or as a producer,” the source continued.

Time for LeBron to retire?

“At the end of the day, I hate to say it, but I believe this in my soul right now – I wish LeBron James would retire.

“Not because I don’t want to see more of LeBron James, not because I don’t appreciate LeBron James.

“But I honestly believe deep down inside, the more LeBron James continues to play the game of basketball, the more it’s going to hurt his legacy and the more it’s going to continue to hurt his GOAT argument.

“As long as he steps foot on that floor, every single season, there’s gonna expectations of him winning a championship.

“And when he don’t do that, we’re gonna be looking at him saying: ‘Well what happened now?'”

ESPN star Kendrick Perkins speaking on First Take about LeBron James’ future in the NBA

“He wants to work on sports TV series, documentaries and movies linked with that topic, but not only.

“He has tons of ideas, and his team has been working on tons of scripts and ideas for the next years to come.

“He wants to be an heavyweight in the TV and movie industry, that is one of his post career goals”

LeBron isn’t the only NBA legend to become prominent in Hollywood after having a successful career.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar starred in movies like Airplane and Game of Death while still playing in the NBA.

LeBron starred in Space Jam 2 in 2021Credit: Getty

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