Loving Taylor Swift for 1 year, Travis Kelce spent 8 million USD, a quite expensive investment compared to his total assets

Taylor Swift’s new boyfriend – Travis Kelce – has a fortune of about 50 million USD. Kelce has only been dating Swift since September 2023, but he has spent up to 8 million USD on the beauty.

To comfortably date Swift privately without having to find a place that is too private and quiet, Travis Kelce bought membership cards to high-end nightclubs in Hollywood. These places provide quality service and ensure privacy for customers, so they can enjoy relaxing time with friends without fear of being scrutinized or disturbed.

Most recently, Kelce and Swift appeared at a high-end nightclub in West Hollywood, California, USA. The membership fee to join this club is up to 10,000 USD/year. Regular visitors to this club include movie stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Timothée Chalamet.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce started dating publicly in September 2023 (Photo: New York Post).

At the moment, Taylor Swift is on a break from touring around the world. Swift and Kelce are keeping a low profile to help Swift rest. Kelce has also just finished a successful season. His team won the NFL championship. This is a time when both Kelce and Swift want to take a break from the media spotlight.

Although the couple is “calming down”, they still make an effort to have quality experiences together. Previously, to cheer Swift on while she was on tour across the country, Kelce continuously chartered private jets to show his support for her.

Kelce’s trip to Singapore this March cost an estimated $570,000. It was one of three private jet trips Kelce has taken for Swift since dating her.

Commenting on Kelce’s way of expressing his feelings for Swift, lifestyle expert Valerie Greenberg shared with the New York Post (USA): “Travis Kelce has always shown his dedication, not only in his sports career but also in his dating process with Taylor Swift. He doesn’t hesitate to open his heart and… his wallet.”

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce kiss passionately after Kelce’s team won the National Football League championship (Photo: New York Post).

Taylor Swift is now a billionaire. To keep up with Swift’s level while dating her, Kelce was willing to spend more than half of what he earned in a year from his playing career.

The New York Post estimates that since dating Swift in September 2023, Kelce has spent more than $8 million on “love expenses.” Meanwhile, his annual income from his football career is about $14 million.

Let’s see how Kelce “spent big” to score points in Swift’s eyes:

Buy real estate for 6 million USD

As soon as he officially started dating Swift, Kelce moved out of the $1 million house he bought in 2019 to buy a more luxurious mansion with better security. This was necessary so he could welcome the beauty to his house without making her afraid of being stalked by neighbors or paparazzi.

Kelce’s mansion (Photo: New York Post).

Just one month after going public with his relationship with Swift, Kelce spent $6 million to buy a mansion in a safe residential area called Leawood, a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

Real estate expert Amanda Baum said: “Leawood is one of the top 50 richest residential areas in the US. It is an upscale, private residential area. People living here enjoy privacy. Not only that, the villa that Kelce bought also has a swimming pool, tennis court, mini golf course . It is truly a perfect project for an athlete like him.”

Private jet trips to visit lovers cost more than 1.2 million USD

In November 2023, Kelce traveled by private jet to visit Swift while she was on tour in Argentina. He then quickly traveled back to the United States to ensure his team’s practice schedule. Such a trip would have required Kelce to spend about $300,000 on a private jet.

Aviation expert Richard Levy shared: “There are many levels of cost when renting a private jet for travel, but to rent a plane to fly from the US to another country and back, the cost will usually be around $300,000 or more.”

Recently, Kelce has been constantly renting private jets because of Swift (Photo: New York Post).

In February, Kelce flew to Australia to cheer on Swift on stage, a trip that cost about $340,000. This month, Kelce flew to Singapore to meet Swift, a trip that cost about $570,000.

In response to Kelce’s enthusiastic attention, Swift also always rented the most luxurious hotel rooms and villas, with overwhelming service prices, to welcome her boyfriend when he visited her.

The gifts cost around $22,000.

While Swift was on tour in Japan, she tried to travel as fast as possible to be in Las Vegas (USA). Swift wanted to cheer on her boyfriend at the Super Bowl on February 11. In response to Swift’s warm feelings, Kelce also spent a lot of money for the two to enjoy a passionate Valentine’s Day.

The New York Post learned from anonymous sources how Kelce prepared a Valentine’s gift for Swift. He bought a box of Venus et Fleur Round Grandiose roses from the flower chain Eternity Roses, which cost $2,199.

Flowers Kelce bought for Swift on Valentine’s Day (Photo: New York Post).

The gold-plated rose Kelce bought for Swift (Photo: New York Post).

Kelce also bought another box of flowers for $2,100, a 24-karat gold-plated rose from Perigold for $3,020. Kelce wanted to continuously bring joy to the beauty during the days the couple reunited and towards Valentine’s Day.

Kelce also cleverly chose some accessories that fit Swift’s “secretly rich, secretly luxurious” style. For example, he bought a Dior beret worth $1,050, a Bottega Veneta handbag worth $5,100, a Celine straw hat worth $1,100, and a Hermès scarf worth $1,300 to give to the beauty.

The bracelet Kelce bought for Swift (Photo: New York Post).

Kelce also bought two gold bracelets with the letters “TNT” and diamonds for the beauty. The bracelets from the jewelry brand Wove Made Inc. cost $ 6,360. Taylor Swift used these bracelets when cheering Travis Kelce on in the Super Bowl.

Spent 1 million USD renting a VIP room so his girlfriend and family could comfortably watch the Super Cup match
Swift cheers on Kelce at the Super Bowl (Photo: New York Post).

Taylor Swift invited some friends to watch the Super Bowl with her in a VIP room rented by Kelce. Kelce spent $1 million to rent this VIP room. He wanted his family and girlfriend to be able to watch the game comfortably. The VIP room was large enough for Swift to invite more of her family and friends.

Talking about renting expensive VIP rooms before an important match, Kelce humorously commented about himself: “Let’s see how much money I spend on this important match, so that my family and friends can come and watch comfortably. The important thing is that I have enough financial capacity and am willing to spend money.”

Singer Taylor Swift (Photo: New York Post).

Taylor Alison Swift (born 1989) is a famous American singer and songwriter. Swift’s songwriting, singing, and image-building career have influenced the international music industry as well as global popular culture. Swift is a figure that receives great attention from the international media and public.

Swift began writing professionally at the age of 14. She signed her first recording contract with Big Machine Records in 2005. She quickly achieved success as a country pop singer with albums such as Taylor Swift (2006), Fearless (2008) and Speak Now (2010).

Singles like Love Story and You Belong with Me saw Swift successfully blend country and pop, propelling her to international stardom. Her fourth album, Red (2012), was an experiment with electronic music, and the hit We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together was released.

Swift made a change in image, from a country star to a pop star with the album 1989 (2014). This is a pop album that produced hits such as Shake It Off , Blank Space , Bad Blood. The album Reputation (2017) produced the hit Look What You Made Me Do.

After signing a recording contract with Republic Records in 2018, Swift released the album Lover (2019) and the biographical documentary Miss Americana (2020). Swift explored indie folk music on the albums Folklore and Evermore , both released in 2020. She added electronic pop to the album Midnights (2022).

After having disagreements with her old record company, Swift began re-recording old albums, refreshing old songs and creating chart-topping hits such as Cruel Summer , Cardigan , Willow , Anti-Hero , All Too Well , Is It Over Now?.

The Eras International Tour (2023–2024) and its film became the highest-grossing tour and tour film of all time.

Swift is one of the world’s best-selling artists, with over 200 million records sold worldwide as of 2019. She is also the highest-grossing touring artist in music history and the female singer with the largest audience on several digital music platforms. Swift is the first female billionaire to build a “billion-dollar” fortune primarily from her singing career.

In 2023, Time magazine named Swift Person of the Year. Swift has appeared on many prestigious magazine lists of the greatest artists of all time and the most powerful women in the world. She has won countless music awards, most impressively 14 Grammy Awards. Swift holds the record for Album of the Year with 4 Grammy Awards.

Football player Travis Kelce (Photo: New York Post).

American football player Travis Michael Kelce (born 1989) plays for the Kansas City Chiefs. Kelce started playing football in college and decided to pursue a professional career. Kelce has won the National Football League championship three times with the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2019, 2022 and 2023 seasons.

Kelce is considered one of the best cornerbacks in the history of football. During his playing career, Kelce has achieved many impressive achievements and won awards honoring his playing achievements.

Outside of sports, Kelce is most talked about as the boyfriend of singer Taylor Swift. The relationship began in September 2023, attracting great attention from the American media and public. The couple’s love story also helped increase interest in the Kansas City Chiefs and the National Football League.

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