Michael Jordan continues Euro trip on $115m yacht as NBA legend and stunning wife Yvette Prietto soak up rays in France

Jordan was previously in Spain on his trip

MICHAEL Jordan is enjoying a European vacation on his superyacht with his wife.

The NBA legend is soaking up the sun in France as he enjoys the perks of his massive boat.

Michael Jordan was seen enjoying his yacht in France

Michael Jordan was seen enjoying his yacht in FranceCredit: BackGrid

Jordan previously stopped in Spain for a magic show

Jordan previously stopped in Spain for a magic showCredit: BackGrid
Jordan was seen on the Yacht with his wife Yvett Prietto as they continue a tour across Europe.

The couple were previously in Spain as they make their way through the continent.

Jordan reportedly purchased his yacht, named M’Brace, from British entrepreneur Lloyd Dorfman.

Dorfman bought the massive ship for $115 million on it in 2018.

The yacht can carry 12 guests and a crew of 24, per Superyacht Fan.

The boat reportedly costs $10 million per year just to maintain and operate.

While in Spain, Jordan hosted magician Sean Christopher for a private show on the Yacht.

Christopher shared a video of his trip which revealed some of the boat to fans.

He also shared a picture taken with Jordan that featured a deck of cards he was working with.

“Performing for Michael Jordan and his family on their yacht,” Christopher wrote in an Instagram post.
Inside Michael Jordan and Denny Hamlin’s ‘beautiful’ Nascar HQ featuring Air Jordan sneakers wall and signature print
“An absolute childhood dream come true.”

Jordan recently came under fire after teammate Scottie Pippin claimed his statistics were inflated by scorekeepers.

FS1 analyst Nick Wright pointed this out on his show after the allegations were made.

“On the road when there was seemingly a neutral scorekeeper he averaged three steals and blocks a game,” Wright said.

“But at home, those numbers jumped to five and a half, now was he just better at home than on the road is that common?

“The difference of 182 percent.”

Some analysts did studies after the claims were made and found discrepancies in the stats.

“Michael Jordan had 12 steals, the home box score 28,” Wright said.

“There was a game where they credited Jordan with more steals than the other team had turnovers.

“Might put a different hue on the GOAT conversation.”

Jordan's yacht is valued at over $100 million

Jordan’s yacht is valued at over $100 millionCredit: BackGrid

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