“The Chromatica Ball”: An all-powerful Lady Gaga and what else?

After nearly 2 years of complete silence, “mother monster” Lady Gaga suddenly returned to the entertainment industry with a series of impressive projects in the second half of this year, starting with the musical film “The Chromatica Ball” which was just released.

Over the past few days, little monsters and Lady Gaga fans around the world have been reliving the memorable moments of the recording of “The Chromatica Ball” in Los Angeles.

This is one of Gaga’s first stops in 2022 in the promotion of her promising and passionate album “Chromatica”.

With a duration of nearly 2 hours, Gaga has affirmed her creativity as well as the reason why over the past 2 decades she is still considered one of the important main pop girls, helping to shape the European and American music scene.

An almighty Gaga

If P!nk’s shows always impress with circus acts flying around the stage, Taylor Swift’s shows are colorful… then with Gaga, the monster concept has always returned throughout her career, whether from “The Fame Monster” or “Born This Way”.

At “The Chromatica Ball”, Gaga continues that direction with impressive and unique looks.

In a futuristic metal costume, combined with a 360-degree rotating table, she opened the show with a series of hits that made her name, including “Bad Romance”, “Just Dance”, “Poker Face”…

And it couldn’t be more different, the whole audience almost exploded with songs that were an important part of music history for a period.

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For Gaga, the monster concept has always returned throughout her career.

Moving on to part 2, Gaga continued to perform new songs from her album “Chromatica”.

With dance-pop music, disco combined with EDM, sometimes with a strange Europop or Britpop color… the female singer stirred up the stage with new “Alice”, “Replay”, “911”…

It can be said that Gaga brought the audience to a real musical party with catchy and equally surprising Pop music experiments. She also showed her particularly impressive performance ability, when throughout the first 3 parts, although the choreography was quite dense, she showed no signs of fatigue or loss of breath, which further affirmed her position as a performing star.

Part 3 was built in a different direction, stirring the crowd’s spirit with gospel-influenced songs.

In a strange metallic outfit, Gaga seemed to bring back the spirit of the 1970s and 1980s, where Cher and Donna Summer performed trendy songs but also aimed at community integration.

This also marked an impressive transition point, leading to part 4, which was completely quiet with the piano performance, bringing unique moments of silence.

In a strange metallic outfit, Gaga seemed to bring back the spirit of the 1970s and 1980s.

It was here that we saw that Gaga was not only an incomparable performer, but also a great director and music editor.

After nearly 13 songs that brought passionate, hot moments and a sumptuous musical feast… part 4 was more personal, when she performed songs from the movie “A Star is Born” as well as other special songs.

This was also the part where the singer stopped the most, to encourage her fans about “Born This Way”, as well as the current state of America, which is still very divided.

The most moving part of the performance was when she sang “Angel Down” from “Joanne”. It was not a hit from an underrated album, but when placed in an emotional space, it was the song that best expressed her intention.

It was a celebration of diversity and a call for respect for it from a country in turmoil. When the stage gave way to the piano, Gaga’s voice shone brighter than ever, once again reflecting her status as a spontaneous vocalist alongside her undeniable performing ability.

The concert ended with a series of two hits from “Chromatica”, “Stupid Love” and “Rain On Me”. Although Ariana Grande was not present, Gaga still entertained the audience with impressive and powerful choreography.

The final song – “Hold My Hand” – is also the latest song that Gaga wrote for the movie “Top Gun: Maverick” as a thank you to the audience for constantly following and “holding her hand”, and also reaffirming what the singer said in the previous part with the piano.

The detail of the fake hand with monster nails appearing on the screen has many meanings, which ultimately is the acceptance of diversity, as well as the unspoken agreement between the singer and her fans.

Part 4 is more personal, as she performs songs from the movie “A Star is Born” as well as other special songs.

The beginning of a comeback

However, what surprised and excited the audience the most was the singer’s comeback announcement. After the credits of the music film, the words “LG7” – the 7th album and “Gaga Return” officially signaled a new journey.

According to many sources, this new album will return with a new pop style, trends and images that are rumored to be very strange, with a high possibility of becoming the second version of “The Fame Monster”.

Along with these two words is also a short piece of music talking about the moon, darkness and dancing. Throughout the show, she also mentioned the moon many times, looking up to the sky as if wanting to talk to this image.

That’s why fans are increasingly convinced that this album will be darker and more bizarre.

According to many side news, Gaga will use and transform Michael Jackson’s musical signature to put into this project.

This is also more or less shown throughout the concert, when she repeatedly recreated the “trademark” move of the lower body of the King of Pop.

Combining the moon and mischief, it seems that a completely new material will be released by the female singer in the near future.

According to many side news, Gaga will use and transform Michael Jackson’s musical mark to put into the latest project.

So, combined with the musical film “Joker: Folie à Deux” which will be released later this year, the dark image will once again return to the female singer.

Gaga has created a fictional universe in “Chromatica”, and with LG7, it promises to be a more monstrous and darker personality.

This shows that the female singer never stops. After catchy pop songs, then art-pop, Jazz, Country, Disco… “mother monster” has once again transformed, promising to shake up the world music scene.

In addition to that detail, Gaga’s father recently confirmed that she has completed 10-12 songs for the new album.

Many inside sources said that she is also working with director Mark Romanek – who has directed music videos for Madonna, Taylor Swift, Coldplay and of course Michael Jackson – to make the visuals for the new album.

Thus, after competing with 5 main pop girls including Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa and Billie Eilish, Gaga is also showing that she is very ready.

The above game is also more promising, when recently Katy Perry also showed signs of returning after nearly 5 years.

With “The Chromatica Ball”, it can be seen that Gaga has proven herself to be an all-round artist, not only an entertainer but also a formidable vocalist.

Nearly 2 hours long, there is no redundant moment, but on the contrary, it brings a “roller coaster” of different emotions.

With the announcement of her comeback, she also shows that she never stops, and promises that each time she returns, it will be something new, the overflowing creativity of an artist who always knows how to innovate and be different.

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