Travis Kelce’s surprising reaction after the NFL star texted him from the wedding to ask if he could use Taylor Swift’s bathroom

Travis Kelce may soon need the key to one of Taylor Swift’s many houses after 49ers star George Kittle hilariously texted him from a wedding in Rhode Island, asking to use the popstar’s bathroom.

Kittle, who played in San Francisco’s loss to Kelce’s Chiefs in the Super Bowl earlier this year, was on The Rich Eisen Show on Wednesday, when he was asked if any tight ends in the NFL had asked Kelce for tickets to Swift’s ‘Eras’ Tour.

But, instead, Kittle brought up his teammate Christian McAffrey’s wedding to model Olivia Culpo in the Northeastern state, teasing NFL on Fox commentator Greg Olsen, who was also at the nuptials amid a viral snap of him looking rough with bride and groom.

‘So we’re out in Rhode Island for the wedding. Like right next to the place that we stayed was Taylor Swift’s house. Like her house in Rhode Island,’ Kittle told Eisen at one point.

‘And I texted Travis, I was like, ‘Hey I need to use the restroom, do you mind?” Did Taylor leave a key anywhere? He’s like you can try to get in but I think security is going to get you out of there. I was like, yeah okay, I’m not going to try that one.’

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George Kittle said he needed Travis Kelce’s help when he was at Christian McAffrey’s wedding

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The 49ers star said that he and his wife, Claire, were staying near Swift’s home for the wedding

Kelce and Kittle are known to be close off the gridiron, as they hang out at a bar in Nashville last month and also run a three-day football program on the ins and outs of the tight end position, called ‘Tight End University,’ together since 2021.

Perhaps their bond grew strong around Super Bowl LVIII, which the 49ers marginally lost to the Chiefs (25-22), when Kittle hailed Kelce in front of reporters.

‘I’m a huge fan of Travis Kelce and the fact I’ve been able to become friends with him, peers with him, run Tight End (University) with him, just get to know him, it’s been awesome,’ Kittle said at the time.

‘For someone I’ve looked up to, looked up to his game, watched so much of his film. Anything that he says is nice about you; it feels great.’

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Kelce (L) and Kittle (R) before the Chiefs defeated the 49ers at Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas

He added: [Travis is] a fantastic football player. He’s probably a first-ballot Hall of Famer. So, anything you can get from Travis Kelce, it’s awesome. And the fact you’re friends too, it makes it a little bit sweeter as well.’

Much like Kelce, who’s a three-time Super Bowl champion, Kittle is also likely to have a place in the Hall of Fame despite currently having no rings to show for his five Pro Bowl and two First-Team All-Pro nominations, as the duo are inarguably considered the best tight ends of their generation.

However, Kittle will get a chance for revenge against Kelce when the 49ers host the Chiefs in what will be the first game between both teams since the Super Bowl on October 20th.

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