VIDEO: Wild Footage Shows Bobbi Althoff Being Carried Out Of A Bar By NFL Superstar After Passing Out From Having Too Much To Drink

Bobbi Althoff (Photos via @FearedBuck/X)

Bobbi Althoff had too much to drink during a recent night out; that she was seen being carried out of a bar in Nashville suggests as much.

Althoff was also recently seen dancing with Arizona Cardinals cornerback Sean Murphy-Bunting in a TikTok video, and it appears they spent more time together as another video obtained by TMZ shows them chilling at the Barstool Sports Bar before she gets carried out.

“First, Sean sits down on a set of stairs outside the bar with Bobbi in his arms, and then the Arizona Cardinals cornerback carries her with him into the back of a black SUV that pulls up to whisk them away,” TMZ notes.

“A source connected to the group out that night tells us Sean was being a good friend … taking care of Bobbi to ensure she got home safely.”

The clip below shows a passed-out Althoff being carried out of the establishment and put into a vehicle.

“soon as Bobbi left her husband she went from a house wife to a groupie,” one fan said.

“her ex husband crying and taking care of the kids 💀,” a second offered.

Bobbi Althoff Takes To IG To Thank Sean Murphy-Bunting

The Podcaster and social media influencer has since taken to Instagram to thank Murphy-Bunting.

“Last night was scary but thankful for having good friends in my life like @seanmurphybunting for looking out for me,” she wrote..

Sean Murphy-Bunting and Bobbi Althoff (Photo via bobbi/IG)

We’re left to wonder if there was more going on than just passing out from being drunk based on her use of the word “scary.” But it appears all is fine for now.

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